Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Edge of the River

15 He split the rocks in the wilderness
and gave them water as abundant as the seas;
16 he brought streams out of a rocky crag
and made water flow down like rivers [Psalms 78:15 - 16]

We must now wade into this river. We must now drink deeply of its water; wash in its currents; soak it its depths. Deeper and deeper we shall wade until we are covered up; until we descend into its depths, conveyed by the currents, revived, renewed, invigorated , healed, purified, uplifted!

LORD of All Creation, draw us into this Mighty River. Teach us your ways. Release your understanding; your insight; your revelation and your secrets to your humble servants. To those who seek your will, those who enlist for service to the King, those who submit to your authority. 

They desire life, they desire victory, they desire joy; a hunger for worship, a craving for the Bread of Heaven, a thirst for the the Spring of the Water of Life. We wade in to seek knowledge of the Word of God. To breath in the Breath of Life. To wield the Sword of the word of God. To unleash its power upon the slave master and release the captives.

We wade in to learn your ways O LORD. To gain understanding. To walk with you. To receive your counsel, your guidance, your direction. To hear your voice.

I desire to serve with perfection. You O LORD are perfect. Make me perfect in service. I desire to harvest a mighty harvest for the LORD. You are the LORD of the harvest. Help me O LORD. I desire to establish your sheep in righteousness, the currency of heaven. Shine upon them Sun of Righteousness.

We want to stand close to you Father. Inaugurate this fellowship O Mighty King. Your sons are ready to move into position. Let them sit in the seat of sons. Let them receive the favour and blessings of the firstborn of the Spirit. Let them obtain a double portion of anointing. May they become true servants who do exploits for the Master. Admit them into the echelons of priesthood that they may take charge of your courts. Send them to the muddy villages to seek the sheep of your flock. Dispatch them to the dusty hills to seek the lost ones, the broken ones, the deceived, the wounded, the despairing, the ensnared and imprisoned.

It is the hour to march out in formation; to raise up a standard; to go into battle. We must cross the Jordan and take territory for the LORD. Amass at the edge of this river, the last river, the last vale, the last battle. Wrap yourself in zeal O Mighty God of Israel. Let your fearsome fire go before you. Overthrow the enemy. Route them out. Smash their demonic altars. Crush dagon; every dagon; every dragon; every snake; every hand that practices divination and sorcery; every knee that bows to the devil. Let it be a day of Your unassailable and terrible presence.

Open the eyes of those who are veiled in darkness; the stoppered ears of the deaf. Strengthen the weak legs of the lame. They must relocate onto the Way of Holiness; they must walk with You there. Let your glorious splendor light up the way. Let the thunder of Your voice resurrect their souls. Restore hope. Rehabilitate peace. Reconstruct faith. Revive joy.

They are lost LORD. On the mountains and hills. On the seas and oceans my King. In sinister forests and dank dungeons. Lost in philosophy. Astray in doctrine. Marooned in the ocean of tradition. Disoriented at the colonnade of pride. Blinded by the pitch darkness of this hour. Help them find this River whose current saves.

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