Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Every fiftieth year, the Lord commanded that land and houses that had been sold be returned to the original owner (there were exceptions). What a strange law! But the Lord explained clearly it is "because the land is Mine and you are but aliens and my tenants" (Lev. 25: 23). Now that is breaking news!

If a poor person sold their land they could refund the balance of the price paid after a certain period had passed and get back their land. The balance would be based on the years left until the Year of Jubilee when it automatically reverts to the human owner. If the poor person had no resources to redeem their land, a relative - kinsman redeemer - could do it on their behalf and he or she could then go back to their property.

What does this all mean to those who worship Jehovah? A man once gave up his birthright for a plate of broth. His name was Esau. Another one gave up his life because he honored his wife more than God. It was the first act of idolatry. His name of Adam.

Because of his disobedience, death came upon mankind until now. We lost our "land" and have nothing of value that can be used to redeem it. Only an acceptable sacrifice of blood  before the God of Heaven can release us from this curse of death.

But Job knew in those ancient days that his Redeemer lives. He did not live to see the Redeemer but we have seen Him!! His name is Christ Jesus. He has presented the most holy and perfect sacrifice before the Father; a sufficient sacrifice; a fitting atonement; a very steep price.

Does it not, therefore, mean that those who accept this gift of our Kinsman Redeemer will be able to return to their own property? Does it not mean that those exiled to Babylon can finally return home to Zion? That they no longer weep but can sing the Songs of the Lord! Does it mean we are no longer captives but free Men? No longer in chains but liberated!

You who have accepted Christ as your Saviour and Lord do not need to wait for the Year of Jubilee. He will redeem you right away. He is your Jubilee!

The Lord bless you today.

The Messiah is coming very soon. Prepare in absolute holiness.
Read your Bible every day and stay very close to the Lord.