Monday, May 26, 2014

Who is Listening to Jesus is LORD Radio? The 3D Report

Visit the live 3D map. The entire world, even little islands in the pacific are listening keenly to the Messenger of the LORD. The Solomon Islands, Tierra del Fuego, Palau, Ulaanbaatar, Norilsky, Reykjavik, Winterton, Fairbanks, Manaus, Belize City, Spanish Wells, Fort-de-france, Great Falls... 

Why? Because the Messiah is coming and those who BELONG to HIM are getting ready. They are preparing. 

Do you belong to HIM? Are you preparing? If the furthest corners of the earth have heard the call to PREPARE, why are you waiting? For what or whom are you waiting? Do you expect another messenger? Is the one the LORD has sent inadequate? 

Things are very serious. Preparing for rapture is like preparing to die only 1,000 times worse because you prepare to meet with the KING OF KINGS, the JUDGE OF JUDGES, the LORD OF LORDS whose court is the final court. HIS decision can never be appealed in all eternity. Which is simpler, to listen and change or to despise and continue with a purposeless existence? No one desires hell for another but each chooses with the knowledge that the LORD did not create hell for humans but for that rebel called satan. But when men and women reject the call to holiness and righteousness from the LORD, they essentially become enjoined to satan and to his fate. 

Listen to the live messages at this site.

A 2D image of the globe is seen below showing the location of people and congregations listening to Jesus is LORD Radio, the only radio fully dedicated to preparing the sheep of Christ for the coming of the Messiah:

Once again, things are very serious. More serious than at any other time in human history. The ONE act that will settle the question of whether there is a God in heaven is about to take place. Once it's done, there will be a most severe distress that no one has ever seen. TRUTH will be joy for those who accepted Him but a horrendous searing agony for the rebellious ones. Human imagination can not fully comprehend the coming events. For this reason, I say: Heed the warning. Do not ask too many questions now. Ask later after you have escaped the coming wrath.

The LORD bless you for reading this far. May it not be in vain and may this LORD visit you and warn you Himself. Keep your spiritual "phone" on and fully charged...