Friday, August 21, 2009

The Number of God

Three is the number of God for me. Why? Because God often verifies His messages to me by delivering them thrice! It's His way of knocking at my door to say: Hey, wake and check my message! One of the most amazing things I discovered in 2007 was that the Spirit of God can be playful. Can you believe this? But then, He is our Father.

Back to the number. One day less than a year ago, I was driving downhill from Njoro located 22 km from Nakuru town in the heart of the great Rift Valley. A group of sheep started to cross the road. Sheep are particularly good at ignoring other road users so I had to slow down for them.

A few kilometers down the road, I came across a second group of sheep. Nothing unusual. There are sheep grazing all along the road. But when I saw a third group, I knew there was something going on. At that moment of retrospection, I "heard" the words "you are the sheep of my pasture."

I was sure I had heard those words before but could not recall where in the Bible they were located. When I got home, my first task was to search an electronic Bible for that phrase. I found it twice but it was in Ezekiel 34 that a message jumped out of scripture.

It was a harsh message about the shepherds. I knew it was about the pastors and leaders in the church and that the LORD was quite angry at them.

Some months later, Nabii Owour (Nabii means Prophet in Kiswahli language) spoke about a vision from the LORD in which the sheep were running back and forth on the rocky slopes of a mountain looking for any green thing to eat. The shepherds had led the sheep to these dry and barren pastures yet, down below, there was a lush meadow watered by the river of life that flows from God's throne!

What a powerful confirmation that the LORD used the sheep on the road from Njoro to speak to me and to those who would hear me. Therefore, shepherds  please read Ezekiel 34 very carefully. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. You stand on dangerous ground.