Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Weight of Unbelief

Like a massive bolder of heavy rock, unbelief threatens to crush and pulverize. Unbelief drives us right into the ground, down in the direction of hell. No one can hold up its weight. Nothing can remain vertical under this massive load. No growth can occur under its influence.  Unbelief is a shortening, a flattening and, ultimately, annihilation. None can flourish or prosper under its dark shadow. Unbelief is like an airplane without wings, like a bird without feathers. You can't fly without faith.

But faith is like a super-magnet that attaches you to God. It is like a tremendous wire that taps into the power of God. It is the jet engine that propels you at supersonic speeds. It is a mighty ship that holds up the soul and the heart. 

He is a God of allegiance. He never lets down those who belong to Him. He takes all the calls. He never abandons His children. He never has a missed call on His phone.  He handles every situation. Never is He asleep. Always He remains God. Never changing. Eternal. What more would one want than a promise of life that will never be broken? In who else can we put our trust?  To whom can we surender our life except to the King of kings?

It's all about His word and His promises. Its more definite that tomorrow's sunrise or the rise and fall of the ocean tide.

And what of Christ, who do you say He is? Is He not the Lord of lords and the King of Kings? Is He not the Faithful Witness? Is He not Melchizedek, Mighty Eternal High Priest? Is He not the First and the Last, the Alpha and Omega? The Prince of Peace? The Sun of Righteousness? Is He not the Word of God? Is He not the Mighty God? Is He not the Everlasting Father? Is He not God, the Creator of Heaven and earth.

But the world had placed the Messiah on a lower pedestal: not quite God. Perhaps equal to man; a little more enlightened? Even a Prophet among many Prophet's?

Apostacy has come to visit. Disbelief has come to stay; to reduce Christ, He who is called Emmanuel. To bring Him down from Heaven and equate Him to a man. To demote His Awesome Majesty. To overthrow His Kingdom. To deny His Power and His Glory.

The massive mountain of unbelief evolves into abusive rebellion. Men mock God. Men abuse Him. Men deny His existence. They actively fight Him. They join the enemy's army. They consult with sorcerers and witchdoctors. They fellowship with devil worshipers. They partake of human sacrifice and abominations, depravities unspeakable. Unmentionable. 

The crushing weight of hypocrisy is utterly destructive. It is the prescription for flawless hopelessness. The way back into darkness, depression and insanity. The way back into chaos and uncontrollable terror. A heartbeat away from lawlessness. 

Christ is Lord. He is God. He is the Everlasting Father. The King of Kings. The LORD of lords. The Ancient of Days. The Eternal. Without equal. High above the highest heaven. Far beyond human comprehension. Beyond human wisdom. Beyond science and philosophy. Infinitely beyond. He is the King of All Glory. The Holy One. Yet after all is said and done, He seeks our worship and sanctifies those who revere and honour Him. He makes them His precious possession, His elect. Citizens of His household.

Lift up the LORD. Glorify the Christ. Worship the King of Kings. He is coming for His righteous Bride. Will you be ready when He comes?

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