Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jesus is LORD Radio on Android and iPhone - Part 1

Jesus is LORD Radio on Android Phone and iPhone

You can listen Jesus is LORD Radio and to the teachings of the Mighty Prophet of the LORD online using an Android phone or iPhone by using the XiiaLive  application. 

The following description is for the Android application but there is a XiiaLive application for iPhone that works in the same way as the Android one

Here's how to proceed:

1. Download XiiaLive into your phone by doing the following.
    a. Open the Android Play Store application in your phone or go to on your PC or Laptop (phone should be connected to the Internet while doing this).
    b. Search for XiiaLive and install

2. After it is installed launch the application

3. Tap on "Favorites" button then "ADD URL+" link (orange coloured)

4. Type the URL in the space provided and save:

    a. For Jesus is LORD Radio the URL is [in some cases:;]
    b. For teachings of the Mighty Prophet of the LORD the URL is

5. You will see the URL listed as text (Jesus is LORD Radio) thereafter when you go to Favourites [see the 3rd XiiaLive screenshot below]

6. To play, tap the preferred title and tap the play button.

7. During play the application will be in Player mode [XiiaLive Screenshot No. 3]

Goggle Play

Play Store  (Or access via a PC/Laptop at

XiiaLive Screenshots 

Splash Screen
Compiled by Pastor Professor Jason M. Githeko
10th June 2014
For the glory of the Mighty LORD of lords, the God of All Creation
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Dancan Imbwana said...

Thank you pastor but for the radio its not opening ya Nakuru but us

Fredrick Njoroge said...

Praise The LORD Jesus,
Thank you so much for the links. The one that plays the messages of The LORD is working perfectly.
Probably the shoutcast servers for the radio link should be done again so that we get to listen from this side.

Santidade Justi├ža said...

Praise the brothers I am trying to install app of Jesus is the Lord RAIO my Lumia Windows phone but is refusing what must I do.