Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is there a God in Heaven?

I wonder how many people ever think about this question. It seems many are so engrossed in daily survival and doing their "jobs" day in day out that these somewhat  esoteric  matters seem rather archaic. After all is it modern to believe in God? Wasn't that for the stone age and prehistoric creatures?

After all, we are educated. We know human beings come from conception, cell division...We understand biochemical reactions. We can transplant the human heart. Now we can even transplant a face and a hand. We've been to the moon. We have broadband and Ipad. Even a Facebook account and a digital TV

Why do we need God? Isn't faith for those who can't think? For those who earn less than a dollar a day and need to hope in some fantasy in order to keep going? But if I have two cars and a house, why do I need God? 

I can afford good brandy and even a holiday in the  Seychelles. My phone has an AMOLED display and NFC. So tell me: Do I really need God? I have the History channel and a DVR.

After all,  when you die, you die. Why invent stories about an afterlife? What about absolute truth? Does it really exist? I thought truth is relative. Does it really matter if I tell a lie here and there or take something that doesn't belong to me? After all who invented the law anyway. Who says their  standards  are better than mine?

Who gives people the right to specify moral standards for others anyway? Why can't a man marry another man? It's their choice. 

I don't even see who came up with this rule about murder and eating people. After all, if you have a taste for human flesh, why can't we be allowed to buy some from the city  mortuary  and have homo  sapiens   sapiens  thigh casserole for dinner on Fridays. 

After all, Dawin  proved  the survival of the fittest is what matters....And why have government bothering us anyway? We can go back to the wild west. It was fun. If you don't like a guy or want to take over his wife, just shoot the fella. Why do we need to stick to one wife? Why can't I visit my neighbour's house and sleep with his wife when I feel like then box the fella if he complains?

Now, how do you like that line of argument? Would you like to live in a world of that sort filled with essentially insane creatures masquerading as human beings? I doubt it.

God can not be proven or tested like a physical formular or a research hypothesis. If He indeed created us, designed us and placed us in this universe, then He must be infinitely higher in intellect than we are. After all, we have never been able to recreate the smallest bacteria. All we do is manipulate its genes unable to grasp the origin or purpose of life. Unable even to define "life". We can't comprehend the enormity of the universe or ever hope to traverse its length and breadth. Yet we think, we believe that it came about by "chance." And what is "chance"? How many mathematicians understand chance? How come there is order in chaos? Is there really such a thing as chance? Can we prove its existence? Our entire scientific discourse may be based on a  misunderstanding  of the universe. Yet we  hold  on to our now-aging beliefs with more  fervor  than a devout catholic holds on to their rosary [What possible power could be contained in a string of beads?].

God says: I am the Truth. Therefore, there is absolute truth. The Lord says: My word will never change. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but not the least letter in my word will change.

He has a law that is to be obeyed, not debated. He has standards that are to be met not reviewed. 

Is there a God in heaven? Yes. And the question isn't even debatable. You either believe it or not. His name is Jehovah. The God of Israel. The God of Abraham. The God of Isaac and Jacob. The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. The creator of the heavens and the earth. The author of life. My God, my Master, my King, my Father. My Salvation, my  Redemption, my  Deliverance, my Eternity. My Hope, my Peace, My Joy eternal. My All in All over All. My bridge to the land beyond, to the City of Life, the City of Glory, the City of Light where the throne of the Father and Son will be for eternity.

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